To contact the County Clerk’s Probate Department, please call 210-335-2241. 

To search for court records please visit the Bexar County Odyssey Portal

How To eFile

Choose an electronic filing service provider (EFSP) at An electronic filing service provider (EFSP) is required to help you file your documents and act as the intermediary between you and the system.

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Request A Copy

You may make your copy request by eFiling, mail, or in person. Please make sure to provide the name and case file number, if available, for each request. The fee for plain copies is $1.00 per page. There is an additional charge of $5.00 per document for certified copies. Copies cannot be faxed or emailed to the customer. Checks or money orders are to be made payable to Lucy Adame-Clark, Bexar County Clerk Probate Department.

Lucy Adame-Clark, Bexar County Clerk
Probate Department
100 Dolorosa, Suite 104
San Antonio, Texas 78205

Probate Department Information

  • Letter Testamentary: In order to receive a letter testamentary, a will MUST be filed and admitted to probate. To file a will for probate, please consult an attorney. The law prevents us from providing legal advice to any person.
  • Guardianship: You must contact an attorney to file a guardianship. While you may represent yourself in some lawsuits, you may not represent others. Under Texas law, only a licensed attorney may represent the interests of third-party individuals or entities, including guardianship wards and probate estates.
  • Will Safekeeping: A person may deposit their will for safekeeping with the County Clerk for a one-time fee of $5.00. The will is placed in a sealed envelope and kept in a secure storage area. The deputy clerk does not review the contents of the will. The clerk will issue a certificate of deposit for the will upon receipt. The will may be removed at any time by the Testator (the person for whom the will is created). After the Testator passes, any person named on the outside of the sealed envelope may withdraw the will upon proof of identification and proof of death of the Testator. View and print the instructions for depositing a Will for safekeeping
  • Estate Search: You can conduct name searches for probate records here:

Please visit the Bexar County Probate Courts website for more information.

SALS Deed Help DeskDeed Help Desk

The Bexar County Clerk’s Office in collaboration with San Antonio Legal Services Association (S.A.L.S.A.) provides a free legal advice clinic for low-income individuals and families who have questions about deeds or Bexar County records. *Income qualification required.

View the flyer for information, dates, times and locations

  1. Bexar County Courts at Law Information 

    The Supreme Court of Texas has mandated that all attorneys file court documents electronically in the ten most populous counties. Bexar County is one of those counties, effective as of January 1, 2014.

    Attorneys are required to electronically file court documents in Civil, Probate, and Criminal cases in Bexar County through an electronic filing service provider. This provider must be certified by the Office of Court Administration.

    Parties representing themselves in court for Criminal cases without the assistance of an attorney (Pro Se litigants) may hand file their documents to the county clerk. For Pro Se litigants or in the event of an emergency, documents may be hand filed in the court in which the case has been assigned. 

    For questions regarding filing, contact:

    Bexar County Clerk
    Bexar County Courthouse
    100 Dolorosa, Basement
    San Antonio, Texas 78205

    How To eFile

    Choose an electronic filing service provider (EFSP) at An electronic filing service provider (EFSP) is required to help you file your documents and act as the intermediary between you and the system. 

    For eFiling questions you may call 210-335-2496 or 855-839-3453.