SMWBE Program Policy and Procedures

Bexar County is committed to increasing the  involvement of Small, Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises  (SMWBEs) in the procurement process. It is the intent of the County to  afford small, minority and women-owned businesses a fair opportunity to  compete for all Bexar County contracts. Similarly, the County promotes  SMWBE participation in its Tax Phase-in Program to support the growth and diversity of a regional economy.

Bexar  County has established a participation target of a minimum of 20% of all  procurement dollars in the areas of Commodities, Equipment, Services,  Maintenance and Construction are spent with minority and women-owned  business enterprises, and a minimum of 30% of those procurement dollars  are spent with small business enterprises. Procurement dollars spent  with a MWBE that is also a SBE will be counted in both categories.


The purpose of Administrative Policy 8.1 (PDF) is  to establish guidelines and accountability for the expenditure of taxpayer funds used to process goods and services used by the County departments and offices. The processes used to procure goods and  services should always provide the best value for the County, while  providing an open and fair process for vendors.

Purchasing Manual:

The purpose of the Bexar County Purchasing Manual  (PDF)is  to provide County officials and employees with enough information to  appropriately request the purchase of the goods and services needed for them to effectively perform the functions of their offices. It was  developed to promote the use of good business practices in acquiring the goods and services Bexar County needs.

This  manual identifies the procedures applicable to purchasing goods and  services at Bexar County that are necessary to comply with Administrative Policy 8.1 (PDF) which define purchasing-related activities and functions.

Tax Phase-in Project, Funded Entities & Facilities:

Reports  are provided to the County's SMWBE Program Office. The reports are reviewed by the County's SMWBE Program Advisory Committee and by Commissioners Court.

SMWBE Program Description:

On April 10, 2001, Bexar County Commissioners Court approved Administrative Policy 8.0 - Small, Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise Program, which  established the County's program. A very significant component of the  policy is to maximize area resources without duplicating services. With  that in mind, the SMWBE Program staff works with the SMWBE Program  Advisory Committee, Purchasing Department and other local governmental  entities to develop and implement the various outreach and procurement  programs.

The events are an opportunity for the county  Purchasing Department to make direct contact with local vendors. SMWBEs  can get their questions answered and meet the buyers. Our office has  information for other county departments to regarding their services or  programs. They include the County Clerk, Tax Office, District Attorney -  Hot Checks Section, and Dispute Resolution Office.


  • Serve  as a clearinghouse for solicitations allowing SMWBE/DBE more access to  formal or informal solicitations and professional services  opportunities.
  • Provide the notices to assist in outreach to disadvantaged, small, minority and woman-owned businesses.
  • Review compliance and monitoring of solicitations and participation for bid response.
  • Review and update codes SMWBE/DBE use to receive solicitations.
  • Determine if SMWBE/DBE follow-up on notice of the opportunities.
  • Determine if there are SMWBE/DBE vendors ready, willing, and able to provide the desired goods or services.
  • Maintain  and provide access to a database of vendors, suppliers and contractors  that qualify as SMWBE/DBE, including their products and areas of  expertise.
  • Maintain a communication process with SMWBE/DBE vendors, suppliers, professionals and contractors to involve them in the  procurement process.
  • Provide SMWBE/DBE Participation Reports.
  • To foster relationships in small group settings.
  • To give SMWBE/DBE briefings on emerging issues that could impact their business.
  • To identify actions to seize opportunities and avoid pitfalls in the changing business environment.
  • To serve as SMWBE/DBE resource for technology, consulting, planning, implementation, and advancement.
  • Work with county staff to maintain a dynamic SMWBE/DBE website presentation.
  • To  serve as the resource and information center for SMWBE/DBE, general contractors, local, state and federal agencies and the general business community.