Bexar County is currently distributing financial assistance to qualified county residents through the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF). These federal relief dollars are designated for those directly impacted by the pandemic. 

If you have lost your job or are having trouble paying for rent or utilities because of COVID-19, you may qualify to receive financial help and/or job training or employment assistance. Click on any of the links below to learn more and start the qualifying process.  

United as a community, we will all get through this difficult time. Because together, we are Bexar County Strong.

Need help paying rent or utilities?

Rent Assistance (TRAM)

The Bexar County Temporary Rental Assistance Measure (TRAM) provides up to 1-6 months of rental assistance to qualified residents whose income has been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

See if you qualify for TRAM and apply now

Utility Assistance

Bexar County, in cooperation with CPS Energy and other county utilities, offers access to programs to help those financially affected by COVID-19 receive assistance with utility payments.

See if you qualify for Utility Assistance and apply now

Need help moving to a new place?

Relocation Assistance Program (RAP)

If you’re facing homelessness during the pandemic, help is available for qualified Bexar County residents. The program is limited to fees associated with relocation from a moving company, storage unit rental, utility connections, and temporary living accommodations on a limited basis.

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Searching for new employment opportunities or job training?

Bexar County Strong Workforce Program

Any qualified resident of Bexar County can apply for career training or job placement opportunities. These programs are a partnership between Bexar County, Work Force Solutions Alamo, Project Quest, SA Works and other local organizations.

See if you qualify for the Workforce Program and apply now

Learn how Bexar County has helped small business cope with the pandemic.

Bexar County COVID-19 Small Business Relief Program

Even before any national pandemic support was created, Bexar County developed and implemented a $13,000,000 loan and grant fund to help micro and small Bexar County businesses weather the COVID-19 storm. The programs, administered for Bexar County by LiftFund of Texas, have helped over 850 businesses stay open and retain nearly 500 employees.


SAGE Administered Small Business Grants

The third round of funding administered by SAGE, San Antonio for Growth on the Eastside, is accepting applications from small businesses with revenues up to $1 million through October 31. Grants are to be paid out by December 7. 

SAGE administered small business grants up to $10,000 

MAESTRO Administered Small Business Grants

The fourth round of funding administered includes grant awards for small & micro businesses with gross annual revenues up to $1 million administered by the MAESTRO Entrepreneur Center as well as grant awards for small businesses with revenue up to $5 million administered by Liftfund. Grants are to be paid out by November 30.

Apply for MAESTRO administered grants up to $15,000

LiftFund Administered Restaurant and Bar Business COVID-19 Relief Grants

The Restaurant/Bar Business Grants will award up to $25,000 per business with up to 60 full or part time employees. Businesses must be located within Bexar County and plan to re-open. Applications will open at 10am on October 26, and close at 5pm on November 2. Grants will be awarded by November 30.

Apply for LiftFund Administered Restaurant and Bar Business COVID-19 Relief Grants up to $25,000