Compliance and Reporting

Program Policies:

The Bexar County Small Business & Entrepreneurship Department oversees the Small, Minority, or Women-owned Business Enterprise (SMWBE) Program and the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program. Compliance to Administrative Policy 8.0 (PDF) (SMWBE Program) and Administrative Policy 8.2 (PDF) (DBE Program) are a vital part of the work our department does. These links explain the program, compliance to the parameters and goals defined in Administrative Policy 8.0 & Administrative Policy 8.2, and provides information on our reporting methods. 

For any complaints or questions about the SMWBE Program or DBE Program, please contact us at (210) 335-2478 or request an appointment.


The business environment in which the SMWBE Program operates is complex. A great deal of data is needed to support the program's business requirements and reporting duties. The reports are reviewed by the County's SMWBE Program Advisory Committee and annually by Commissioners Court.

View the 2015 - 2019 SMWBE Data Report (Prime Contractor Data Only) (PDF)

DBE Info

Bexar County makes an External Discrimination Complaint Form (PDF) (En Espanol (PDF)) available for individuals seeking to file complaints under Title VI. 

If an External discrimination complaint filed under Title VI against the County in which the County is named as the respondent is received by any county staff, the Complaint will be given to the Title VI coordinator.  The Complaint will be copied and logged.  The Complaint will be electronically copied and posted on the county shared drive in the Title VI folder. The Complaint will be forwarded to TXDOT for investigation within 10 calendar days of receipt by Bexar County.