Bexar County COVID-19 Updates & Affected Services

Dear Friend,

The Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 has already had a tremendous effect on how many Bexar County residents approach their daily lives. We know that people are grappling with the negative impact that the spread of the virus has had on the financial well-being on individuals, families, and businesses. We are in this together, and Bexar County stands with you. My colleagues and I are working diligently to enact programs that will help our community thrive.

Commissioners Court approve the most recent Declaration of Public Health Emergency approved by Judge Wolff. This most recent Declaration has been updated to prohibit gatherings of 50 or more which is consist with the update Mayor Ron Nirenberg announced Monday. In addition, there will be a moratorium for at least 30 days on all evictions in order to support people in vulnerable populations from losing their homes and businesses in these uncertain times. I also announced that Bexar County is providing $5.25 Million to support small businesses that have suffered financial losses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To date, twenty-nine COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in our community, including six by community transmission. Patients with confirmed cases are in isolation from the public and the San Antonio Metro Health District is performing an investigation to identify those could have potentially been exposed to the virus. We are working to keep the residents of Bexar County informed, prepared, and safe. 

For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 in San Antonio and Bexar County, please visit Metro Health and Bexar County’s Emergency Management websites. The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District has opened a COVID-19 hotline for residents to ask questions about the virus. The hotline is available in English and Spanish. Residents can call 210-207-5779. (Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) Information for the public is also available at:

As always, your health — and collectively the community’s health — is the highest priority. We urge you to take the recommended precautions to avoid exposure and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community.  


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Bexar County Declaration of Public Health Emergency

Today, Commissioners Court approved an updated Declaration of Public Health Emergency issued by County Judge Nelson Wolff. This declaration will be in effect immediately and continuing until Wednesday, June 16th. To read Judge Wolff’s Emergency Declaration, Click Here. Highlights include:

  • All indoor public and private gatherings and outdoor gatherings ("Mass Gatherings") within an enclosed space of 50 persons or more anywhere in Incorporated and Unincorporated Bexar County is prohibited for 90 days
  • Provides guidelines and requirements for restaurants, bars, and other establishments to ensure social distancing and maintain safety
  • Bexar County Rental Property Owners temporarily suspend evictions for at least 30 days to prevent renters from being displaced due to the public health emergency
  • Bexar County residents and constituents are encouraged to conduct business online, by phone, or via regular mail to avoid visiting any County facility unless absolutely necessary
  • No temporary health permits for activities known to have more than 50 persons in a "Mass Gathering" situation will be approved
  • University Health System (UHS) will cooperate and continue to provide the County Judge and appropriate Bexar County staff information deemed necessary to make public policy and executive decisions

For clarification purposes, a "Mass Gathering" does not include the following:

(i) San Antonio International Airport (ii) Public or private schools and places of worship (iii) museums (iv) spaces where 50 or more persons may be waiting for transit, such as bus stops (v) office spaces, hotels, or residential buildings; (vi) grocery stores, shopping malls, outdoor markets, or other retail establishments (vii) Hospitals, medical facilities, and shelters; and (viii) Jails and detention centers.

City of San Antonio Declaration of Public Health Emergency #4

On March 18th, Mayor Nirenberg has issued a fourth Declaration of Public Health Emergency for the City of San Antonio. This declaration prohibits gatherings of 50 or more and recommends avoiding gatherings of 10 or more in accordance with recommendations from the President and the CDC, and required restaurants and bars to limit to take-out or drive-thru options.

  • Prohibits Gatherings of 50, recommends no more than 10
  • Recommends social distancing protocols established by the CDC for all other gatherings
  • Calls that organizations that service high-risk populations follow CDC guidance for social distancing 
  • Restaurants and bars are ordered to close dining areas but may maintain take-out, drive-thru, and curbside pickup options.
  • Nonessential businesses such as gyms and movie theaters. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations will remain open.

Suspension of Jury Duty

  • Effective Monday, March 16 through Thursday, April 16, jury trials are suspended. Any juror summons received by Bexar County residents on or between those dates should be disregarded.
  • Summoned individuals will not be penalized for not appearing to jury duty during these dates. Jury Duty is scheduled to resume on Monday, April 27.
  • FAQs Regarding Suspension of Jury Duty can be found on the Jury Services Website Here

Justice of the Peace COVID-19 Order

On March 12, in response to COVID-19’s financial impact on vulnerable populations, Commissioner Justin Rodriguez requested a moratorium on evictions to prevent renters from being displaced for at least the next 30 days. On March 16th, the Justices of the Peace for Bexar County issued an Order and provided the following guidance from the Supreme Court of Texas must avoid risk to court staff, parties, attorneys, jurors and the public. Read the letter from the Justices of the Peace Here. The order calls for the following:

  • Following a letter from Commissioner Rodriguez and supported by Judge Wolff, the Justices of the Peace have issued a moratorium on evictions for at least the next 30 days. Read the letter from Commissioner Rodriguez Here
  • All Civil and Criminal bench, Court dockets, and jury trials scheduled now to April 16th are to be continued to a date reset by each court
  • Court dockets on any date between now and April 16th will be limited to "essential court proceedings" which include writs of re-entry, writs of retrieval, writs of restoration, magistration of defendants in custody and of fugitives from justice (in or out of custody), and repair & remedy cases that materially affect the physical health or safety of a tenant.
  • Each Court will remain open during regular business hours (subject to further review), continue to accept filings, service constituents, and review all matters filed by submission.

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

Sheriff Javier Salazar has announced preventative measures to safeguard the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BSCO) staff, the community, County employees, and inmates at Bexar County Correctional Facilities. Read Sheriff Salazar’s Mitigation Plan Here.

  • A medical command post has been established where inmates displaying flu-like symptoms as outlined in the CDC guidelines will be booked and housed separately from other inmates.
  • BSCO will work to minimize custodial arrests by filing non-violent offenses at large.
  • BSCO will limit public contact to that which are immediately necessary. Non-critical responses will be handled by phone when possible vs dispatching a deputy.

Precinct 2 Staff Limiting Public Interaction

In light of the evolving health pandemic, the Precinct 2 staff is directed to limit public interaction for the coming week. This includes attendance at meetings, neighborhood associations, and other gatherings. We will be available by phone at (210) 335-2612 or by email at

BiblioTech Public Library

In an abundance of caution, BiblioTech will be closing all branches and canceling all events from March 16 through March 22. BiblioTech is committed to providing the safest possible environment for patrons and will continue with their current aggressive sanitization of all public use equipment and surfaces after they reopen to the public.  

All BiblioTech resources continue to be available online 24/7 at  

Bexar County District Attorney’s Office

The Bexar County District Attorney’s Office is keeping their office open, but has reduced in-office staff who may be at risk of contracting COVID-19. Prosecutors are reviewing cases filed by law enforcement and reaching out to victims and witnesses. Grand Juries continue to operate.

The Bexar County Family Justice Center continues to provide services to domestic violence survivors. Anyone seeking services should call 210-631-0100.

Click here to view the media release from the DA’s Office.

Juvenile Probation Department

All children being admitted into the Cyndi Taylor Krier Juvenile Treatment Center will undergo a health screening and have their temperature taken prior to being released. Additional screenings for visitors will be taken. There is also an increased focus on cleaning high traffic area and frequently touched surfaces. 

View the complete Juvenile letter here.

Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office 

The Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office is providing curbside service at Northeast, Northwest, and Downtown tax locations for property tax payments from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., through April 15, 2020. Click here for location sites. Vehicle registrations and title transfers will be accepted by curbside as well.

Tax Assessor-Collector Albert Uresti has also instructed the Linebarger Tax Attorney law Firm to work with the Sheriff’s Office to cancel all delinquent property tax foreclosure sales for the months of April and May.

Click here to view the updated media advisory from Tax Assessor-Collector Albert Uresti.