BexarEIS for Law Enforcement

The Bexar County Evidence Ingestion System, also known as BexarEIS, is a web-based mechanism for law enforcement agencies to submit digital evidence to the Bexar County Criminal District Attorney’s Office (DA). There are currently two ways to use BexarEIS:

  1. Users can sign up for the BexarEIS Manual Portal, or
  2. Agencies can build an integration with the BexarEIS API.

BexarEIS Manual Portal

The BexarEIS Manual Portal is an easy and convenient way to submit small amounts of digital evidence on a given case to the DA. The portal provides a user-friendly and intuitive mechanism for uploading files to a specific case as identified by Judicial Number. If you do not know the Judicial Number for the case, the BexarEIS Manual Portal will help you either find an existing Judicial Number or request a new Judicial Number from the DA.


The BexarEIS API is a publicly accessible API that allows law enforcement agencies to upload large amounts of evidence, in a programmatic way, to the DA. To use the BexarEIS API, each law enforcement agency must build an integration between their digital evidence management system and the BexarEIS API. 

If your agency would like to start leveraging the BexarEIS API, please call the Bexar County IT Service Desk at 210-335-0222. Please specify that your agency is requesting to build an integration with the BexarEIS API, and provide your agency’s name as well as contact information.