About Commissioner Rodriguez

Commissioner Sergio "Chico" RodriguezBEXAR COUNTY COMMISSIONER RODRIGUEZ was first elected to office in November 2004 and officially sworn into office on January 1, 2005. That was one of the proudest days of his life - and he carries with him daily the same feelings of responsibility, honor, and commitment that he did on that warm New Year’s Day years ago. Commissioner Rodriguez had spent his life in San Antonio just as many others do – as a conscientious, hard-working, family man. A San Antonio native from a family who had called Bexar County home for many generations, Commissioner Rodriguez is a Harlandale High School graduate and attended Palo Alto Community College. He worked diligently as a lineman at CPS Energy for 23 years before joining the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. His decision to join the Sheriff’s Office was prompted by his desire to make a difference in his community – and his unhappiness with the direction he had witnessed the San Antonio Southside taking in the last 30 years. While serving his community in the Sheriff’s Office, he witnessed the need for change stronger than ever. It was this which led him to announce his candidacy for Precinct 1 Commissioner of Bexar County.

Commissioner Rodriguez shares his views on Precinct 1: “I was born and raised here, and when I was growing up, our family struggled. But like many Southside families we worked hard and just kept looking forward. So, I’ve been there. I know the challenges people are facing while they work to achieve their dreams. I was raised with strong values: work hard, serve your community, and always do the right thing. These are the values I’ve passed on to my own three children, and that I carry with me today as I work on your behalf.

"As your Precinct 1 County Commissioner, I’m doing everything I can to expand opportunity for our families, our youth, and our seniors. I’m dedicated to meeting our transportation and infrastructure needs, providing our public safety officials everything they need to do their jobs, helping our youth overcome barriers, serving the needs of our seniors, and honoring the service of our veterans.

“The Southside IS the jewel of Bexar County, but for too long it was neglected. It was neglected for decades. When I came into office I vowed to change that by making sure that I speak out to not only make sure the Southside gets its fair share, but also to tell its great story and all that it has to offer. From the new Mission Reach River Improvement Project to our parks and cultural heritage sites to our commercial enterprises and educational institutions, the Southside and its people are vital to the success of San Antonio and Bexar County. Every day, I get up and go to work to make sure that we’re a part of the progress of the entire community and that our residents get a chance to be a part of it.”

As a county commissioner, Commissioner Rodriguez serves on several boards and commissions whose work positively impacts the residents of Bexar County. These include the Industrial Development Corporation where he serves as President of the Board; the Housing Finance Corporation where he serves as Vice President; the Committee of Six – San Antonio River Improvement Project; the Committee of Seven – Regional Flood Project; the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Transportation Policy Board; and the Youth Commission Task Force.

Precinct 1 is the most populated and fastest-growing precinct in Bexar County. It is home to many of Bexar County’s most valuable natural, archaeological, historic and cultural treasures. Throughout this region’s history, settlers from all parts created new traditions and built new economies. The Southside’s scenic backdrop is a unique area on which today’s new and old “settlers” – people and businesses – are building a successful future. Commissioner Rodriguez works hard to ensure that the Southside retains its unique characteristics while still building a sustainable community where quality growth can occur. As it has always been, the San Antonio Southside is home to Commissioner Rodriguez and his family.