Resident Resources: Serving You

Justin Rodriguez speaking

As a valued part of our Bexar County community our residents are provided multiple services to ensure their needs are taken care of regardless of age, gender or income. The following page lists the resources available for Bexar County residents. If you require assistance or are unable to find what you are looking for, please email

Bexar County Services

Resident Resources

  1. Housing/Rental Assistance
  2. Food/Grocery Assistance
  3. Clothing Assistance
  4. Utility Assistance
  5. Transportation
  6. Financial Assistance
  7. Legal Assistance
  8. Mental Health Services
  9. Case Management Services
  10. Hotlines & Helplines

Housing/Rental Assistance

Center for Working Families (CWF) – Access to Emergency Rental Assistance for emergency or short term hardship, eviction notice, must have ability to get back on track with paying rent in future, and landlord must be willing to work with agency, (210) 207-7830.

Alamo Area Resource Center – Some of the programs run include rental and utility assistance, housing location assistance, free or low cost legal services, help in filing for Social Security, homeless prevention and Food Stamp applications. In regards to housing, this non-profit offers referrals to other agencies for emergency rent assistance, if needed. Works closely with social service groups too. 527 N. Leona, 3rd Floor, Bldg. A, San Antonio, Texas 78207, (210)358-9995

American GI Forum, 611 N. Flores, 210-354-4892

American Red Cross - Housing Assistance and rent help. Shelter may be coordinated during times of disaster, 3642 E. Houston., 210-224-5151

Avenida Guadalupe Association - is a HUD certified Housing Counseling agency providing pre-purchase counseling and education, non-delinquency post-purchase counseling, and mortgage delinquency and default resolution counseling (Ready2Own program). Additionally, we provide financial management and budget counseling services as well as computer classes (Ready2Learn program) and workforce readiness training and seminars (Ready2Work program). All services are provided free contact us at 1314 Guadalupe St. #201, 210-223-3151.

Bexar County Economic & Community Development - Provide rental assistance and utility assistance, along with other resources, 233 N. Pecos, Ste. 590, San Antonio, Texas 78207, (210) 335-3666

Bexar County Housing Authority - Housing advice and emergency rental assistance. They also provide information on Section 8 in Texas. 1017 N. Main Ave # 201, 210-225-0071