The role of the Pretrial Services Intake Staff is to interview defendants to determine risk, investigate bond applications, and make recommendations of conditions to the Judge or Magistrate regarding release on Personal Recognizance Bond (PR Bond). We also determine eligibility for Indigent Defense Attorney Appointment System (IDAAS) and assign a Court Appointed Attorney.

Pretrial Services staff provide information to the public regarding the status of defendants who were interviewed for PR Bond.

To search online for the status of individuals processed by the Central Magistrate Office, please visit the Central Magistrate Search page.

Reporting to Pretrial Services

All defendants released on Personal Recognizance (PR) Bond or Surety Bond with court ordered conditions are provided a date and time to report in person to our Pretrial Services Office.

Conditions of Bond

Dress Code

When reporting to the Pretrial Services Office, dress code is strictly enforced. Pretrial Services is an extension of the court and all individuals reporting to this office should dress appropriately.

Please be aware that the following are prohibited:

  • Sagging/baggy pants
  • Hats
  • Muscle shirts
  • See-through clothing
  • Excessively short dresses, skirts, or shorts
  • Exposed midriff or cleavage
  • House shoes
  • Gang-related attire or paraphernalia
  • Articles of clothing with pictures or language which may be considered profane or offensive
  • Sunglasses
  • Weapons or drugs

Further, vulgar language or any other behavior which disrupts the orderly operations will not be tolerated.

Please remember that the courtroom is a formal setting. You are required to dress conservatively when presenting yourself in court.