Probate Court 2, Judge Veronica Vasquez

Probate Court 2 Hearings:

The uncontested docket for the probate of wills is heard each Monday and requires a special setting. Intestate administrations, heirships, muniments more than four (4) years, and probate of copies are heard Tuesdays and Thursdays and require a special setting. Please review the most recent COVID Operating Guidelines posted above for further information on requesting a setting for matters pending in Probate Court No. 2.

Probate Court 2 Documents

  1. Physical Address
    100 Dolorosa
    Room 123
    San Antonio, TX 78205

    Phone: 210-335-2678
    Fax: 210-335-3998


PositionNamePhone Number
Staff AttorneyCourtenay Euton210-335-2774
Staff AttorneyAridssa Martinez
ParalegalOmar Morales210-335-2775
Administrative AssistantSilvia M. Alvarez210-335-2678
AuditorMiriam Fernandez210-335-2244
AuditorElizabeth Cueto-Vasek210-335-0491
Court ClerkGenevieve Alvarez210-335-2670
Court InvestigatorFrancesca Howland Cammack210-335-2279
Court ReporterAngeliz Rivera210-335-2466

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