Probate Court 2, Judge Veronica Vasquez

Probate Court 2 Hearings:

Please review the most recent Operating Guidelines posted above for further information on requesting a setting for matters pending in Probate Court No. 2.

Probate Court 2 Documents

  1. Physical Address
    100 Dolorosa
    Room 123
    San Antonio, TX 78205

    Phone: 210-335-2678
    Fax: 210-335-3998


  • Aridssa Martinez:  Contested Matters 
    Phone: (210)335-2647

    Note: Do not ask substantive, strategy questions or procedural questions. 
    If contested, ALL parties must be CC’ in the email.

    Contact with questions about:

    • All contested matters
    • Submission docket
    • Temporary Administration
    • Temporary Guardianships
    • Complex uncontested matters
    • Eminent Domain
    • Contested-Pro Se

    Courtenay Euton:  Uncontested Matters 
    Phone: (210)335-2774

    Contact with questions about:

    • Uncontested Heirships
    • Uncontested Probate (including Copies and Wills over 4 years)
    • Small Estate Affidavits
    • Uncontested Muniment of Title (Pro Se Only)
  • Silvia Alvarez
    Phone: (210)335-2678

    Contact the Administrative Assistant/Court Coordinator with questions about:

    • General Court Policy
    • Any hearing requests (email only)
    • Motions to Appoint Attorney Ad Litem
    • Case schedule
    • Ad Litem Wheels
    • The Court’s website
    • Request for Translator
    • When you’re not sure about the right person to call
  • Francesca Cammack
    Phone: (210)335-2279

    Contact the Court Investigator with questions about:

    • 1102s
    • Transfers In/Out of Guardianship
    • Uncontested Guardianship Docket
    • Anything involving potential guardianships / current investigations
    • Applications for management trusts & payment of claims without guardianship (formerly Probate Code sections 867 & 887)
    • Applications for successor trustees of court-created trusts
    • Show cause for guardians of the person
    • The volunteer Court Visitor program
  • Genevieve Alvarez 
    Phone: (210)335-2775

    Contact the paralegal with all questions about guardianship annual reports, such as:

    • Due dates
    • Form request
    • Compliance docket for annual reports
    • Any questions about a Guardians’ annual “report on the condition and well-being of a ward”
  • Miriam Fernandez 
    Phone: (210)335-2244

    Elizabeth (Liza) Vasek
    Phone: (210)335-0491

    Attorneys (and their staff) may contact the Probate Auditors with questions about:

    • Accountings, including management-trust accountings
    • Bonds
    • Safekeeping agreements
    • Commissions
    • Reimbursements
    • Applications and orders to close and discharge
    • Access to safety deposit boxes
    • Inventories
    • Attorneys’ fees
    • Sale of assets
    • Report of sale
  • Angeliz Rivera

    Contact the Court Reporter via email when you need a hearing transcript. Please note that a record is not taken for all matters before the Court.

    All requests should include:

    • Case Number
    • Date/Time of Hearing

    (Cost is dependent on the length of the hearing in transcript page count.)

  • Sandra Esquivel
    Phone: (210)335-2670

    • Status of Orders
    • Conform Copies

    For copies/letters/Efile questions please contact County Clerk at (210)335-2241.

Forms & Manuals