Probate Court 2, Judge Veronica Vasquez

Notices to Attorneys/Paralegals:

As of September 1, 2022, the checklist for Heirships, Copy of Wills, Muniment After Four Years, and Guardianship have been updated.  Checklists and FIATs templates can be found under “Forms and Manuals” on this webpage.

Probate Court 2 Hearings:

All Contested Matters, Temporary Guardianships, Temporary Administrations, TROs, Injunctions, and Pro Se Matters must be set with the Court Administrator/Court Coordinator, Silvia Alvarez at for a hearing. Attorneys, please use this platform to set Probate Court 2 Uncontested matters only. If none of the dockets applies to your application or motion, you must email the Court Administrator/Court Coordinator, Silvia Alvarez.

Probate Court 2 Documents

  1. Physical Address
    100 Dolorosa
    Room 123
    San Antonio, TX 78205

    Phone: : 210-335-2678
    Fax: : 210-335-3998


  • Cathleen Lockhart:  Contested Matters 
    Phone: (210)335-2647

    Note: Do not ask substantive, strategy questions or procedural questions. 
    If contested, ALL parties must be CC’ in the email.

    Contact with questions about:

    • All contested matters
    • Submission docket
    • Temporary Administration
    • Temporary Guardianships
    • Complex uncontested matters
    • Eminent Domain
    • Contested-Pro Se

    Courtenay Euton:  Uncontested Matters 
    Phone: (210)335-2774

    Contact with questions about:

    • Uncontested Heirships
    • Uncontested Probate (including Copies and Wills over 4 years)
    • Small Estate Affidavits
    • Uncontested Muniment of Title (Pro Se Only)
  • Silvia Alvarez
    Phone: (210)335-2678

    Contact the Administrative Assistant/Court Coordinator with questions about:

    • General Court Policy
    • Any hearing requests (email only)
    • Motions to Appoint Attorney Ad Litem
    • Case schedule
    • Ad Litem Wheels
    • The Court’s website
    • Request for Translator
    • When you’re not sure about the right person to call
  • Francesca Cammack
    Phone: (210)335-2279

    Contact the Court Investigator with questions about:

    • 1102s
    • Transfers In/Out of Guardianship
    • Uncontested Guardianship Docket
    • Anything involving potential guardianships / current investigations
    • Applications for management trusts & payment of claims without guardianship (formerly Probate Code sections 867 & 887)
    • Applications for successor trustees of court-created trusts
    • Show cause for guardians of the person
    • The volunteer Court Visitor program
  • Genevieve Alvarez 
    Phone: (210)335-2775

    Contact the paralegal with all questions about guardianship annual reports, such as:

    • Due dates
    • Form request
    • Compliance docket for annual reports
    • Any questions about a Guardians’ annual “report on the condition and well-being of a ward”
  • Miriam Fernandez 
    Phone: (210)335-2244

    Elizabeth (Liza) Vasek
    Phone: (210)335-0491

    Attorneys (and their staff) may contact the Probate Auditors with questions about:

    • Accountings, including management-trust accountings
    • Bonds
    • Safekeeping agreements
    • Commissions
    • Reimbursements
    • Applications and orders to close and discharge
    • Access to safety deposit boxes
    • Inventories
    • Attorneys’ fees
    • Sale of assets
    • Report of sale
  • Angeliz Rivera

    Contact the Court Reporter via email when you need a hearing transcript. Please note that a record is not taken for all matters before the Court.

    All requests should include:

    • Case Number
    • Date/Time of Hearing

    (Cost is dependent on the length of the hearing in transcript page count.)

  • Sandra Esquivel
    Phone: (210)335-2670

    • Status of Orders
    • Conform Copies

    For copies/letters/Efile questions please contact County Clerk at (210)335-2241.

Forms & Manuals