Probate Court 1, Judge Oscar J. Kazen

Probate Court 1 Hearings:

The uncontested docket for the probate of wills is heard each Monday at 10:00 AM. A sign in sheet will be set out at 9:00 AM.

Uncontested administrations and heirship proceedings are heard each Monday at 11:00 AM. Call 210-335-2190 a week prior to be included on the docket. If your case is contested or may require a lengthy hearing for any reason, please call 210-335-2190 to obtain a special setting and prepare a fiat to serve on opposing counsel.

Setting a Case for Hearing

If you want to set a case for hearing please see our guidelines. If you need any assistance please contact Samantha G. Guerra or Martin Collins by email.

Learn how to set a case for hearing now.

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  1. Physical Address
    100 Dolorosa
    Room 117
    San Antonio, TX 78205

    Phone: 210-335-2546
    Fax: 210-335-2993

Probate Court 1 Staff Contacts

Position Name Phone Number
Staff Attorney Martin Collins 210-335-0490
Administrative Assistant Samantha G. Guerra 210-335-2190
Auditor Lamar Gatica 210-335-2766
Auditor Connie Perez 210-335-2638
Court Clerk Jennifer Naranjo 210-335-2546
Court Investigator Elaine Damian 210-335-0507
Court Reporter Cheryl Hester 210-335-2359