The Central Magistrate Office processes all arrests made within Bexar County that are a class B or higher. They also process class C charges that are filed out of the Justice of the Peace Courts. 

Payments for these class C cases can be made by visiting the following website: www.bexar.org/pay.

Once the defendants are magistrated, our office will update their bond amounts and any special conditions that are placed on the bond. Once this process is completed, it is provided to the citizens via the internet. Citizens can log into the magistrate search for the bond information by visiting the following website: Magistrate Search

We assist with personal recognizance and surety bonds that are delivered to our office. Defendants are given the opportunity to bond out from this facility within a reasonable amount of time without being transferred to the Bexar County Adult Detention Center. By clicking on the following link you can find a list of active bail bond companies: Bail Bond List.

We are located at 200 N Comal, South Tower San Antonio, Texas 78207. You can contact us 210-335-6111 for information regarding any defendant that has been recently arrested. Information regarding city violations can be handled found at the City of San Antonio website or by calling 210-207-7532.

Our operations are 24 hours a day 365 days year.

Court Support Main Line
Maria Gonzalez, Division Chief210-335-6147
Brenda Garza, Supervisor
Corinne Ramirez, Supervisor
David Garcia, Supervisor
Daniel Gonzalez, Supervisor
Yvette Warren, Supervisor

Michael Ugarte
Presiding County Magistrate

Kerrisa Chelkowski
County Magistrate
Lori Crockett
County Magistrate
Brigitte Garza
County Magistrate
Jeb Lock
County Magistrate
Celeste Ramirez
County Magistrate
Roland Ramos
County Magistrate
Ed Shaugnessy
County Magistrate