Disparity & Availability Study - 2011

Bexar County Disparity and Availability Study

In April 2010, Bexar County engaged Mason Tillman Associates to  conduct a Disparity and Availability Study. The study was anticipated to  take 14 months. Data collection and analysis was completed in July  2011. A draft report was delivered to County staff for analysis and  review on November 2011.

On September 18, 2012 staff posted an agenda item to present the  consultant's report and staff analysis for Commissioners Court  consideration.

Key Finding

According to the consultant's report, the available data does not allow the County to initiate a race-conscious program.

The consultant reported some problems in gathering complete  information, specifically regarding subcontractor information, and  reporting “…the county's data set is insufficient to identify disparity  in individual industries as required by case law, and there was no  evidence of discrimination.”

Commissioner Court received the final Disparity and Availability  Study; and directed County staff to develop a plan to be reviewed at a  Court meeting for improved data collection, and to enhance race-neutral  strategies for small, minority, woman and veteran-owned business  enterprise participation in County contracting.