Communications Division

Emergency Response Unit

The Communications Division of the Fire Marshal's Office is co-located within the Bexar County Public Safety Answering Point. This division, referred to as Bexar County Fire Alarm, is comprised of five full time employees, and three Volunteer Members who staff the operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The division is an essential service and support unit for the 21 Fire Service Departments serving the Unincorporated areas of Bexar County.

The division is provided the calls for service by call takers, at which time; the Coverage area Department is dispatched to the incident. The division is also responsible for answering non-emergency calls and related information calls on the Non-emergency number (210) 335-6000.

All calls for service are maintained within a Computer Aided Dispatch system. This system assists the dispatcher in managing pending calls for service, monitoring status and location of active individuals. This information is later analyzed and formulated into analytical data for statistical research.

Fire Prevention Division

The primary concern of this section of the Fire Marshal's Office is the saving of lives and property by preventing fires before they start. Fire prevention is accomplished by identification and elimination of the hazards that cause and support the spread of fire within our community. This goal is accomplished through public fire education, fire inspections, fire investigations and code enforcement.

Through aggressive fire prevention, this office reduces the loss of property and lives in Bexar County. Fire prevention is an on-going endeavor. Education of the young, the old, and the general population saves lives and property by preventing fires. Fire prevention inspections are performed on a regular basis in the unincorporated areas of the County at all places of public assembly, businesses, schools, hazardous materials production and storage sites, etc. This section also is responsible for testing and licensing of explosive users, and for business reporting of hazardous material storage, use, and incidents. Hazardous and toxic materials used in manufacturing processes are tracked and categorized by type and amount; this information is readily available to emergency services as needed for effective operations and responder safety. The use, storage, and transportation of explosives in the unincorporated areas are regulated under a licensing and testing program designed to protect the health, safety, welfare, and property of the general public.

To Report a Suspicious Fire:

  • Call Bexar County Fire Marshall at 210-335-0300
  • Call Crime Stoppers at 210-207-7867
  • San Antonio Arson Hotline at 210-227-3473

Remember, you may remain anonymous!