Business Relationship Management

The Business Relationship Management service line partners with the offices and departments of Bexar County to help BCIT understand each office and department’s mission and vision, as well to help identify opportunities for them to drive efficiency through technology. By understanding the needs of Bexar County’s offices and departments, BCIT is better able to align their services to the department or office’s business strategy and bring value to not only them, but also their customers: the residents of Bexar County.

Enterprise Architecture

The Enterprise Architecture service line helps support BCIT as a service provider of technological solutions by ensuring that BCIT satisfies the needs of customers while being good stewards of the resources BCIT uses and provides.

Enterprise Architecture is a broad understanding of all domains. This service line helps define standards used by BCIT, align technology solutions with business strategy, reduces the duplication of services and technologies. They act as trusted advisors and partners, and act as a bridge between executive management, engineering, and developers.