Investment Areas

Investment Areas

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10-year term: projects located south of U.S. Highway 90, within Loop 410 or south of I-35.  Also eligible for the 10-year term are projects within the South Texas Medical Center area, the boundaries of the San Antonio International Airport or the Texas Research Park.

6-year term: projects located north of U.S. Highway 90, outside of Loop 410 or north of I-35 (to the extent not defined as a 10-year term area).

Areas not eligible for tax abatement: projects located in whole or in part over the Recharge Zone.

Recharge Zone: that area where the stratigraphic units constituting the Edwards Aquifer crop out, including the outcrops of other geologic formations in proximity to the Edwards Aquifer, where caves, sinkholes, faults, fractures, or other permeable features would create a potential for recharge of surface waters into the Edwards Aquifer. The Recharge Zone is identified as that area designated as such on official maps located at the Edwards Aquifer Authority and at Title 30, Texas Administrative Code § 213.22. See map in Appendix A. (From Edwards Aquifer Authority rules, Chapter 713.1(45).)

San Antonio International Airport Area: located in the north central portion of the city and is generally bounded by Wurzbach Parkway to the north, U.S. 281 to the west, Loop 410 to the south and Wetmore Road to the east.

South Texas Medical Center Area: the area bound by Louis Pasteur to the south, Babcock Road to the west, Fredericksburg Road to the east, and Huebner Road to the north.

Texas Research Park: 1,236-acre site located in west Bexar County and connected to U.S. Highway 90 and Potranco Road (State Highway 1957), which supports the development of a world-class center of bioscience research and medical education.

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