2nd Chance Job Fair

Bexar County 2nd Chance Job Fair hosted by Commissioner Tommy Calvert

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Regardless of how long you have been out of work due to the economic downturn or a former incarceration, Bexar County and Commissioner Tommy Calvert stand ready to assist you.

Bexar County's 2nd Chance Job Fair is geared towards providing you, your family and your community an opportunity to be productive members of society. Our goal is to connect employers with job seekers who have been unemployed. There will be opportunities available in a variety of industries including hospitality, food service, construction, electrical, flooring, information, transportation, warehousing, assembly, automotive, telemarketing, and trucking to name just a few. Along with the job fair there will be non-profits on-site to offer information on the services they provide as well as information regarding the expungement process, tattoo removal, and workshops on various topics. There are over 800 businesses that are committed to hiring formally incarcerated local residents from all education and skill levels. 

For questions or more information, please contact the Bexar County Reentry Services Center at 210-335-8744 or visit them online at http://home.bexar.org/reentry/