Background Checks for Contractors/Vendors

Juvenile Probation is required by state standards to conduct background checks on individuals with whom we have a written agreement. Contractors/vendors will need a fingerprint based background check and PREA certification prior to providing services under their written agreement with Juvenile Probation. 

This process takes time, so contractors/vendors are encouraged to begin the process as soon as possible. Please be advised, contractors/vendors may not provide services until they have been cleared by the Department. Successful clearance includes passing the background check and PREA certification. The background check includes both a fingerprint based background check and a Department of Family & Protective Services (DFPS) review. 

If you have questions about the background check process, please contact your contract liaison. If you do not know your agreement number, please contact your organization. 

Background CheckBackground Check Instructions  


Email Completed Background Authorization form to:


Schedule an appointment to be electronically fingerprinted with IdentoGO at one of the ldentoGo Enrollment Centers by following the instructions below. The cost of this service is approximately $10.00.

  1. Schedule by clicking on:
  2. Enter Code:  11F4FN, then click "Go".
  3. Top of the screen should indicate “11F4FN – Texas Juvenile Probation – Bexar
  4. Input all required data and select a date/time for your appointment.

 Things to Remember:

  • Arrive at your scheduled appointment with your photo identification and fee. Please refer to the IdentoGO website for acceptable forms of identification.
  • Methods of payment: Credit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express), business checks, and money orders. Personal checks, debit cards, or cash are not accepted. At the conclusion of your appointment, the enrollment agent will provide a service receipt with a “UE ID#”. Please email your UE ID# to Keep your receipt to verify you were fingerprinted.
  • Occasionally fingerprints may be unreadable. If this occurs, you will be contacted by IdentoGo to schedule a time to be reprinted at no additional cost.


Please complete the required PREA training & email your certificate to: AND

ALL APPLICANTS must view the PREA video AND complete the Acknowledgment form. Watch a brief training video before signing the PREA Acknowledgement form.

MEDICAL AND/OR BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CARE SERVICE PROVIDERS ONLY shall complete ONE of the following trainings and certifications based on the type of healthcare they provide:  

  • PREA Behavioral Health Care for Sexual Assault Victims in a Confinement Setting OR 
  • PREA Medical Health Care for Sexual Assault Victims in a Confinement Setting

Access these trainings at the NIC Learning Center PREA Training Resources Website:

NIC LearningCenter PREA TrainingResources

Prison Rape Elimination Act logo(PREA)

PREA Training for Third Parties – Required viewing for Contractors/Vendors

PREA Acknowledgement Form

Email signed PREA Acknowledgement Form to:

Background Check Tutorial