Mission of Guardianship Program

The Bexar County Guardianship Program (BCGP) serves as Permanent Guardian of the incapacitated adult citizens of Bexar County who are without friends or family willing or suitable to act in that capacity. The Program is available to serve incapacitated adult persons afflicted by incapacities including but not limited to mental illness.

The Program is responsible for monitoring the individual’s care, arranging for appropriate social services, medical treatment, and living conditions according to the benefits and resources available. We strive to identify the highest potential of each person served by utilizing shared decision-making appropriate for each person under guardianship. Custom care plans that focus on safety and well-being are crafted to fit the needs of each individual and maximize their involvement, freedom and independence as possible. 

A guardian’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Maintain ongoing interaction with the Person Under Guardianship. Attend all direct care meetings as scheduled by providers. Constantly evaluate the current placement for safety and the ability to meet wants and needs from a less restrictive or more restrictive move and arrange for new placement if necessary. Assess on a continuous basis that the WARD has the best quality of life possible.
  • Make medical decisions for the Person Under Guardianship and/or consult with medical providers as needed to be able to make the best educated decision regarding their care.
  • Work with the Guardian of the Estate or Representative Payee to ensure the Person Under the Guardianship finances are spent appropriately; oversee expenditures from the patient trust fund if payee is a provider to assure the stability of benefits.
  • Maintain compliance with current guardianship statutes, JBCC's Minimum Standards and remain updated on legislative changes for guardianship requirements. Maintain professional membership with the Texas Guardianship Association and the National Guardianship Association utilizing the training and workshops given by these organizations to maintain the Guardianship Certification in the state of Texas.
  • Maintain regular contact with close friends or family of the Person Under Guardianship and keep them informed of client’s status as appropriate.
  • Prepare and file all mandatory legal documentation and remain in compliance with laws of Guardianship.