Kirkner Road Low Water Crossing

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This project will improve the four low water crossings on Kirkner Road between Zigmont Road and Stuart Road in eastern Bexar County. The first low water crossing is directly downstream of a large stock tank that holds most of the runoff from the contributing area. This low water crossing will receive a minimal set of drainage pipes. The next two low water crossings are on the same reach of the tributary with a small drainage area being added to the third crossing. These two culverts will be multiple box culverts capable of passing a 25-year (4% chance) storm event. The last low water crossing is at the main Chupaderas Creek and a smaller side creek. This location will receive a High Water Detection System as well as some dressing up of the existing low water crossings (Chupaderas and side creek are considered one low water crossing).

Project Status

Project Status is Complete

Previous Meetings

  • November 1, 2012: Kirkner Road & Real Road Community Meeting