SMWBE Contract Requirements

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IFB, RFP, RFQ, SOQ, and all level contracts and pre bid agenda language for County SMWBE Requirement

Bexar County is committed to increasing the involvement of Small, Minority, and Women Owned Business Enterprises (SMWBE) in its procurement process. Similarly, the County promotes SMWBE participation in its Tax Phase-in Program to support the growth and diversity of a regional economy.

The Commissioners Court established a Participation Target of a minimum of 20% of all procurement dollars in the areas of Commodities, Equipment, Services, Maintenance, Professional Services and Construction are spent with minority and women-owned business enterprises, and/or a minimum of 30% of those procurement dollars are spent with small business enterprises. Expenditures with a Minority, Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) that is also a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) will be counted in both categories. SMWBE participation is highly encouraged. The Participation Targets are not included in the evaluation of bids or proposals for awards.

SMWBE for the purpose of this policy are those companies with a certification designation from an authorized certification agency as a woman, small or a minority group certification, such as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), or Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), or Women Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), or Small Business Enterprise (SBE), or African American Business Enterprise (AABE), or Asian American Business Enterprise (ABE), or Disabled Individual Business Enterprise (DIBE), or Emerging Small Business Enterprise (ESBE), or Hispanic American Business Enterprise (HABE), or Native American Business Enterprise (NABE), or Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE) or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender Business Enterprise (LGBTBE) recognized and approved by Bexar County Commissioners Court. Bexar County accepts all verifiable certificates from any bonafide certification agency.

Certification means a designation as a HUB, DBE, SBE, MBE, VBE, WBE or LGBTBE awarded by any authorized agency that a company is a for-profit independent operating business that is at least 51% owned operated and controlled by minority person(s) and/or a woman. The ownership by minorities and women must be real and substantial.

Auditing and Compliance: All vendors receiving awards for Goods, Commodities, Services, Construction or Professional Services must provide ownership and amount information for all sub-contractors, sub-suppliers, and sub-consultants to be engaged before or during the term of award (BID SUBMITTAL FORMS C1200 (PDF)).

During the term of the contract, the awarded contractor must submit accurate progress payment information, to include payments made to its Sub-Contractor(s), Sub-Supplier (s) or Sub-Consultant(s), with each invoice submitted to the County for payment.