Criminal Investigations Division - Deputy Chief Nancy Sanford

Nancy Sanford

The primary function of the Criminal Investigations Division is to conduct follow-up investigations of reported crimes. These investigations consist of interviewing suspects, victims, and witnesses; analyzing information for validity, reliability, and accuracy; and compiling a comprehensive and factual case file to be presented in court. The Criminal Investigations Division has four primary Investigative Sections, General Crimes, Crimes against Persons, Property Crimes, and Narcotics. 

Title Name Contact Information
Assistant Caroline Willborn 210-335-6070
Crimes Against Persons Lieutenant Ron Tooke 210-335-6070
Missing Persons Unit   210-335-6078
Sex Offender Registration   210-335-6077

Property Crimes Lieutenant Angela Freveletti 210-335-6070
Evidence/Property Room   210-335-6093

Narcotics Enforcement Lieutenant Nathan Cartwright 210-335-5500