Find Certification Information

Certifying your  business is an important step for any small business or minority, woman,  veteran, disabled, or LGBT+ business looking to do business with  government entities. Certifications vary based on the level of  government you are looking to do business with, what your business does,  and your size, among other factors. It is recommended that you obtain  all certifications that apply to you and your business, as  certifications play a role in determining what entities governments do  business with.

Below is information regarding certifications  at the local, state, and federal level, as well as a list of certifying  agencies. Follow this link for a complete list of certifications and certifying organizations.

Certification retains the SMWBE Program integrity and optimizes SMWBE  participation in Bexar County contracting through an evaluation process.  The county may rely on certification credentials from certification  agencies to identify SMWBEs for contracting and purchasing activities.