Illustrations by José Cisneros (1910 - 2009)

Renowned artist José Cisneros was a world-class illustrator of U.S., Mexican, and Spanish history, and was especially known for his drawings of horses and horsemen. In 2002, President Bush, who collected Cisneros's work, awarded him the National Humanities Medal. King Juan Carlos of Spain knighted him in 1991 to honor his contributions to the understanding of history. In 1988, the Institute of Texan Cultures commissioned Cisneros to create these illustrations of Spanish Colonial Life.

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Explore Archival Documents

These documents have been loaned to us from Our Lady of the Lake Center for Mexican American Studies & Research.  The files found below include scans of the original documents and any translation into English and/or transcription done of those documents.

Canary Islanders

Creator: Francisco Joseph de Arocha
Date: November 11, 1745
Concern About Knowing Indian Languages
Creator: Joseph Antonio Bernard
Families and Issues with Indians
Creator: Mariano de los Dolores
Date: 1747
Geographical Description of the Province of Texas
Informe about Apaches - Response to Viceroy Regarding Apaches
Creator: Santa Ana
Date: September 7, 1745
Inventories from San Juan, San Abernardo, Espada
Creator: Fr. Mariano Francisco de los Dolores
Date: 1759
Inventory of Mission San Antonio de Valero
Creator: Juan Maria Baron de Ripperda
Date: December 14, 1772 - March 6, 1773
Inventory of Mission San Jose
Creator: Fr. Jose Maria Salas
Date: 1785
Memorial of Fr. Benito Fernandez Concerning Canary Islanders
Creator: Fr. Benito Fernandez
Date: December 3, 1740 - March 15, 1741
Misiones en el seno Mexicano
Date: December 25, 1753
Missions of Provinces of Texas and Nueva Vizcaya; Letter to Viceroy Antonio Flores on the status of the missions
Date: October 12, 1787
Orcoquisa Indians for a mission
Creator: Joseph Mariano Reyes
Date: August 27, 1785
Tierras y aguas de la Concepcion, Espada, y San Juan Capostrano
Creator: Vergara
Date: 1731
Work and Concern for Indians and the Missionaries Efforts
Creator: Mariano de los Dolores
Date: 1754