Reentry Committee Phases

The various committees are now under three primary phases in our programming. We went through a lengthy organization process and all the subcommittees that formerly stood alone as committees are now divided into the following phases:

Phase One: Institutional Phase

In this phase, our clients are still incarcerated and working on the development of a release plan so that they will have a successful reentry into the community. Programming is ongoing and programming that is not completed in this phase will be pushed forward into the next two phases.

Phase Two: Transitional Phase
Dr. Mary Jo Rodriguez, Facilitator

During this phase, the individual is transitioning from incarceration back into the community. They are planning strategies that will help them succeed and lining up resources to aid them in gaining employment and all the basic needs that will allow them not to have to repeatedly face negative consequences in the community and possible re-incarceration.

Phase Three: Community PHASE
Aida Negron, Facilitator 

This is the phase where individuals are encouraged to work their individual release plans and get the assistance they need to be successful in the community. Any additional programming that needs to be completed from their incarceration time will be offered and assistance with all aspects of successful reintegration will be offered with an emphasis placed on gainful employment which has been proven to be the best deterrent to further incarcerations.