Apply as an Election Official

There are three election official positions available:

  • Presiding Election Judge
  • Alternate Election Judge
  • Election Clerk

The following information provides the pay scale, requirements, and duties for each of these positions. Click on the tab of the position you are interested in to read about it. Choose the one that appeals to you and apply today (PDF). Training classes for Election Officials are held prior to each election. Information regarding training classes will be sent via U.S. Postal Service.

General Qualifications

You must be a registered voter or have made application in Bexar County to qualify as an election official.

  1. Presiding Judge
  2. Alternate Judge
  3. Election Clerk

Presiding Election Judge

Primary Duty

  • To administer the election in accordance with the Texas Election Code


  • $17.00 per hour during the time the polls are open
  • $25.00 for bringing in the returns to a designated Regional Sending Site

Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Registered voter in the precinct in which you are to serve
  • Attend certification class and pass test by 70% (approximate time to completion: 8 hours)
  • Remain certified by taking a test every two years and passing with a 70% score
  • Class attendance before the election, when applicable
  • Visit vote center the day before the election
  • Pick up of supplies at the Election Warehouse before the election
  • Return the supplies the night of the election to a designated Regional Sending Site

You cannot be judge if:

  • You hold an elected office. (Precinct Chairman is not considered as an elected office.)
  • You are a candidate for office in that election.
  • You are a campaign treasurer of a candidate in that election
  • You are a campaign manager of a candidate in that election.
  • You are an employee or relative of an opposed candidate in that election