Dr. Norma Greenfield-Laborde

Dr Norma Greenfield-Laborde

Dr. Norma Greenfield-Laborde received her Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from Our Lady of The Lake University, an M.A. in Management from Webster University and a B.S in Criminal Justice from Texas State University.    

She has over 30 years of in-depth experience in the Criminal Justice System, including serving as Region Director at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, retiring after 26, years and in January of 2012, until recent has served as Deputy Director of the County’s Office of Criminal Justice.  In March of 2023, she was appointed to serve as the Director for  the County’s  Office of Criminal Justice Policy, Planning and Programs, She has been a key collaborator with judicial stakeholders, both internal and external, and she has years of experience in identifying business process improvements for efficient and effective criminal justice programs. She has been instrumental in Bexar County Diversion implementations. 

As the Director, she is responsible for administering the activities of the Pretrial Services Office, Jail Population Impact Control Unit, Medical Examiner’s, Crime Investigation Laboratory, Court Collections, Problem solving Courts program, Reentry Services and Dispute Resolution.     

Dr. Greenfield-Laborde has been recognized for being the first Hispanic female to be promoted to several higher management positions when working with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. 

She has taught Criminal Justice at Our Lady of The Lake University as an adjunct instructor. She is a committee member of the Commissioners Reentry and the Faith Base Reentry Board. She graduated from the FBI Citizens Academy May 27, 2010 and a graduate of the DEA Citizens Academy.

A native of San Antonio Dr. Greenfield-Laborde has been active in her community by serving Catholic Education with Scholarships with the Laborde Foundation. She has also served on women’s retreats for Ministries of the Third Cross (MOTTC) and is a cofounder of Co Creating Harmony and Mobilizing Peacemakers (CCHaMPs) that conduct spiritual workshops for woman.