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The Amigos in Mediation (AIM) peer mediation training program teaches school faculty and students to resolve disputes and conflicts in a non-violent manner.


The AIM Program helps schools establish their own self-sustaining peer mediation programs designed to improve the conflict resolution skills of students, reduce the number of school disciplinary incidents, and create a more positive school environment.

AIM training is offered at no-cost to all TEA accredited schools located within Bexar County.

For more information, see the School Information & Resources page.

Amigos in Mediation serves students starting at third grade

Mediation improves communication and encourages peaceful peer-to-peer resolution of conflicts.

"The Premiere Peer Mediation Training Program for Bexar County Schools"

Amigos in Mediation serves students starting at third gradeMediation reinforces restorative practices and creates potential for positive systematic changes to the school climate.

Benefits of AIM Peer Mediation Training:

  • Reinforces PBIS and Restorative Practices.
  • Prevents conflicts from escalating and improves school climate.
  • Effective addition to bullying prevention plan.
  • Teaches students 21st century, college-ready, and critical thinking skills.
  • Students collaborate to generate non-punitive "win-win" solutions.

  • Increases tolerance and appreciation of diversity.
  • Powerful strategy to decrease cyberbullying.
  • Successful tool within violence prevention program.
  • Encourages students to become active citizens and leaders.
  • Students serve as peaceful problem-solvers beyond school walls into home life and the community at large.
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