Bexar County Wifi Access

Bexar County is now offering a free wireless connection to users with mobile devices in the Lady Justice Courtyard, Main Plaza, and throughout the Bexar County Courthouse and Justice Center.

No password is required to login to the Bexar County Wireless. Simply search for available wireless networks in the area and select "Bexar-County-Guest" when it appears. Once a connection is established, users will see a message welcoming them to the Bexar County Guest Wireless Network. After clicking "Accept" users can freely browse the internet on the wireless connection.

Public Wifi is offered by Bexar County at the following locations:

  • Bexar County Courthouse (download the Courthouse map (PDF))
    • Basement: County Courts 3 and 10, Misdemeanor Section, Criminal Central Filing, Bond Forfeiture, Probate Department
    • 1st Floor: Child Support Court, Probate Courts 1 and 2, Presiding Court, Marriage License and County Clerk
    • 2nd Floor: Double Height Commissioners Court, Civil District Courts: 73rd, 150th, 224th, 225th, 285th
    • 3rd Floor: Double Height Commissioners Court, Children's Courts, 208th Civil District Court
    • 4th Floor: Child Support Court, Civil District Courts: 57th, 131st, 288th, 407th
    • 5th Floor: Lobby and Reception, Law Library, 166th Civil District Court
  • Bexar County Justice Center (download the Justice Center map (PDF))
    • Basement: Central Jury Room, Cafeteria
    • 1st Floor: Dispute Resolution Center, 399th Criminal District Court, County Courts 1, 8, and 11
    • 2nd Floor: Magistrate Court; County Courts 4, 6, 12, and 14; Criminal District Courts: 144th, 187th, 226th
    • 3rd Floor: County Courts 7 and 13, Criminal District Courts: 186th and 437th
    • 4th Floor: County Courts 2, 5, 9, and 15; Criminal District Courts: 175th, 227th, 290th, 379th
  • Lady Justice Courtyard in front of the Courthouse
  • Courthouse Annex (203 W. Nueva)
  • Jury Room (for Jurors)
  • 8th, 9th, 10th floors of the Paul Elizondo Tower
  • Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Office
  • Juvenile Probation Office

Bexar County Courthouse Wifi Areas

Bexar County Justice Center

Bexar County Justice Center WiFi Areas

Lady Justice WiFi Map

WiFi Map of the downtown area centering on the Lady Justice Fountain