Juvenile Division

Bexar County Criminal District Attorney’s Juvenile SectionThe Bexar County Criminal District Attorney's Juvenile Section handles a variety of cases ranging from Class B misdemeanors up to Capital Murder committed by juveniles between the age of ten (10) and under seventeen (17) years of age. The Juvenile Section deals with the youngest section of society who can be charged with a criminal offense. Unlike the adult criminal justice system, which is generally punitive in nature, the focus in the juvenile justice system is on the specific rehabilitative needs of the juvenile offender along with the need for public safety.

Bexar County Criminal District Attorney’s Juvenile SectionThe Juvenile Section is located on the southside of San Antonio at the Frank Tejeda Juvenile Justice Center on East Mitchell Street. This section is comprised of all the elements of the downtown office which include an intake unit (felony and misdemeanor) and trial court unit (felony and misdemeanor) each having assigned prosecutors, investigators, and victim advocates as well as general support staff who play an important role in the function of the Juvenile Section. Also located within the Juvenile Justice Center are three District Courts, three associate judges' courtrooms, Juvenile Probation Department, District Clerk's Office and Juvenile Court Administration thereby creating an environment centrally located and specifically geared to handle the wide ranging juvenile cases involved in the juvenile justice system.