Civil Division

Some counties maintain both a county attorney's office and a district attorney's office. In Bexar County as in many large urban counties, these offices are combined into a single Bexar County Criminal District Attorney's Office. The Civil Division of the Criminal District Attorney's Office performs all civil functions that would otherwise be handled by a county attorney. 

Thus, the Civil Division handles all civil litigation and civil appeals for Bexar County, its officials and its employees. This includes handling all legal transactions on behalf of Bexar County and advising county officials on legal questions arising from their official duties. The Civil Division helps with employment questions and complaints arising within the County's workforce, including union related issues and collective bargaining. Lawsuits involving county employees, from auto accidents to civil rights cases filed against law enforcement officials in the Sheriff's and Constables' offices are handled by the Civil Division. 

In addition, the Civil Division has provided legal assistance on all major Bexar County initiatives such as BiblioTech and the restoration of San Pedro Creek. Also included are the County's many capital projects such as flood control and venue tax projects like the Tobin Performing Arts Center and the development and operational agreements with the San Antonio Spurs at the County's Coliseum grounds. 

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