Tax Calendar

There are numerous important dates and deadlines during the tax year. Many, such as the January 1 assessment date, is specifically stated in the Texas Property Tax Code. Others, such as a property owner's deadline to file a notice of protest, may depend on the date the chief appraiser performs an action (in this case, the date a notice of appraised value is mailed to the property owner).  Each calendar entry is supported by a reference or references pertinent to the Texas Property Tax Code or Education Code Section(s).

  1. Friday, January 31

    1. Last Day for 2019 Tax Bill Payment Last day to pay 2019 tax bill without penalty and interest. (If an active lawsuit exists for a prev...
  2. Tuesday, March 31

    1. Last Day for 2019 Business Personal Property Tax Payment Last day to pay 2019 business personal property taxes without accruing attorney fees.
  3. Sunday, May 31

    1. 3rd Quarter-Payment Due* *Date extended to the next business day.
  4. Tuesday, June 30

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* Date extended to the next business day.
Quarter Payments: Any late quarter-payment incurs a penalty of 6% for the first month plus 1% interest per month until paid in full. Please Note: Taxpayers can still join the Quarter Payment Plan in February, but with a 7% late fee. 


If the last day to perform an action falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday, Property Tax Code Section 1.06 designates the next regular business day as the deadline.