As mandated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Bexar County has established a Stormwater Quality Site Development Permit. This permit regulates the discharges of storm water associated with construction activities over 1 acre.

Please note: Disturbance cannot begin until permit is acquired!

When Permit is Required

A Bexar County Site Development Permit is required when 1 acre or more will be disturbed in the unincorporated area of Bexar County. If under 1 acre, but part of a Greater Common Development, a permit is required. Disturbance includes, but is not limited to, clearing, grading, excavation, fill/stockpiling, and construction activities.

Permit Submittals

The permit cannot begin review until all items above have been received.

Permit Review Process

Typically, once a permit has been submitted it takes 7 business days for the initial review and any subsequent reviews. Once approved, the permittee should receive copies of the following:

  • Signed/ Approved Permit Application
  • Permit Approval Letter
  • Permit Review Checklist
  • Receipt for payment

The contractor should post a copy of the approved permit on site along with their NOI and Site Notices from TCEQ.

Inspection Process

Once construction has commenced, a Bexar County stormwater Inspector will inspect the site bimonthly and send a copy of the report via email to the contractor. If there are any violations, the contractor has 2 weeks to address them unless otherwise noted in the inspection report. If a site remains in violation, the inspector has the ability to issue a stop work order, a notice of violation, or prepare a court case.

Upon completion of construction, a NOT should be submitted to Bexar County to terminate the permit. If no NOT is received, it will still be considered an active site and can still receive violations.

Helpful Links & Documents

Camera Truck

With Bexar County's newly acquired truck mounted panorama camera system, we are now able to inspect storm sewers from the inside. Bexar County is now requiring all new storm sewers to be inspected prior to Bexar County acceptance. With the ability to go inside the storm sewer, we can assess the structural integrity of both new and old infrastructure which will aide in future maintenance and quality control.

Remember: Only Rain in the Drain!