Pay Taxes Online

For your convenience, the Bexar County Tax Office offers the option of paying your Property Taxes online with either a major credit card or an electronic check (eCheck). 

Electronic payments will be pending until it clears from your bank account. Final processing may take several days. 

Online Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments may be paid through JetPay, the authorized agent of the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector. There is a convenience charge of 2.10% added by JetPay to cover the processing cost. To pay with a major credit card, you must have your 12 digit tax account number and your credit card number. Payments may be made by calling 1-888-852-3572 or online.


To pay by phone with a major credit card or checking account, you must have your 12-digit tax account number and your credit card or bank account checking and routing number.  Payments may be made by calling 1-888-852-3572.

Online Check Payments (free ECheck)

There is no charge for Electronic check payments (eCheck).  E-Check transactions may be paid through JetPay, the authorized agent of the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector.  To pay by eCheck, you will need your 12-digit tax account number, your checking account number, and your bank routing number as listed on your check (not the deposit slip) to complete your transaction.  Prior to beginning your transaction, please confirm with your financial institution that your checking and/or savings account is authorized to participate in an electronic payment transmission.

Please Note:

E-Check payments can be made from any regular U.S. checking account in U.S. dollars. Money orders, cashier’s checks or checks issued from money market accounts, credit card companies, mutual funds, brokerage accounts, home equity, or other lines of credit cannot be processed as an eCheck payment.  

Important Electronic Payment Information

All credit card and eCheck payments will take 3 to 5 business days to process and post to your account. However, your payment will be posted as of the date of the online transaction. Before you begin the credit card or eCheck payment process, it is important to make the necessary modifications to your spam blocker to allow the confirmation e-mail to be sent to you. Once you receive the e-mail confirmation, you can go back and enable your spam blocker. You may also include the JetPay (NCR) email address to your authorized list of senders.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Office of the Tax Assessor-Collector during our regular business hours at 210-335-2251.