1. Name:

    The name of this organization is the Technical Advisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities (the "Committee"), as established through Bexar County Administrative Policy No. 2.7 on March 16, 1994.

  2. Purpose:

    The Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Commissioners Court and County Staff regarding compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, 42 U.S.C. 12101 et seq. (1990), Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 U.S.C. 701-796 and the Elimination of Architectural Barriers, Tex. Government Code Chapter 469. The Committee shall provide assistance to County offices and departments to ensure equal access to opportunities in employment, facilities, services, and programs. The Committee shall make recommendations to Commissioners Court on issues concerning employment policies and practices, provision of services and programs, and access to facilities. Additionally, the Committee shall provide educational services designed to inform and sensitize County employees to the various accessibility problems faced by disabled persons and maintain a simple, updatable library of disabled-access planning information.

  3. Membership:

    Composition: The Committee is composed of 5 members appointed by Commissioners Court.

    Qualifications:To be eligible for appointment to the Committee, a person must:
    be a Bexar County resident;
    be disabled or must have knowledge/experience in working with persons with disabilities; and
    be interested in the betterment of Bexar County and its relationships with disabled citizens.

    Term: Members serve a 2-year term, and may be re-appointed. Terms are staggered among the membership. Three appointees' terms expire September 30, odd years, 2 appointees' terms expire September 30, even years.

    Attendance: A member must notify the County Staff Liaison (the "Liaison") when not able to attend meetings. The Committee may formally excuse absences for good cause. If a member's attendance at regularly scheduled meetings falls below fifty-percent (50%) on an annual basis from the appointment date, or the member misses 3 consecutive meetings, the member will be automatically removed from the Committee, and the Liaison will notify Commissioners Court of the vacancy.

    Members' Responsibilities:
    • Serve as a link between County offices / departments and disabled citizens of Bexar County
    • Provide policy guidance and service in an advisory capacity to the Commissioners Court on all issues related to disabled accessibility
    • Consult with the Committee or the Liaison whenever making statements or joining activities specifically on behalf of the Committee
    • Attend all meetings and other required functions
    • Participate as needed in special task forces, subcommittees
    • Display sensitivity to the needs, desires and aspirations of the community of disabled persons
    • Present all items for Committee consideration from citizenship at-large
    • Write a letter of resignation to Bexar County Commissioners Court, the Committee and the Liaison when resigning
  4. Officers:

    Election: The Committee elects its officers from within the ranks of its current members. Elections are held at a regularly scheduled committee meeting at the start of each fiscal year. If a vacancy in office occurs when the member serving in that office resigns or is removed from the Committee, the vacancy is filled in the same way at the next regularly scheduled committee meeting following the appointment of that member's replacement by Commissioners Court.

    Term of Office: the Committee elects all officers for a 1-year term. An officer may not serve for more than 2 consecutive terms; however, a member who is elected to fill an unexpired term of office may still serve for 2 full consecutive terms in that office.

    Chairperson - In coordination with the Liaison:
    • Develops all agenda items
    • Presides at all meetings
    • Makes sure that the Committee adheres to the agenda
    • Sees that the Vice-Chairperson is left in charge in his/her absence
    • Assures that a "citizens to be heard" time will be on each agenda
    • Is available for consultation at the request of the County Commissioners or locate assistance from among membership
    • Will bring all statements proposed by individual members to be made on behalf of the Committee before the entire Committee
    • Will report to the Committee communications he/she has received or send out related to his/her position as Chairperson of the Committee


    • Takes place of the Chairperson in his / her absence
    • Upon request assists with task forces and subcommittees formed to carry out specific functions
    Member-at-Large: In the absence of both the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, the Member-at-Large chairs the meeting.

    Other Officers: Additional officers may be elected by the Committee, as necessary, and assigned duties, as appropriate.

  5. Meetings:

    Official Meetings: Held once a month or as deemed necessary by the Committee membership. Special meetings or other organization meetings may substitute for regular meeting with majority approval. Meeting day is at the discretion of current membership.

    Quorum: A quorum shall be the majority of the sitting members of the Committee, rounded-off to the nearest whole number. A sitting member is a member occupying a membership position who has attended his/her initial, official meeting.

    Special Meetings: Called whenever necessary, by the County Commissioners, the Liaison, or the Chairperson. Subcommittee meetings and Task Force meetings are held as needed at the call of the Subcommittee Chairperson.

    Notice of Meetings: The Liaison, in conjunction with the Committee Chair, sees that all Committee members are notified of meetings.

    Program / Agenda:
    • The Chairperson will develop all items in coordination with the Liaison
    • Committee members should have proposed agenda items to the Liaison and the Chair at least 3 working days before a scheduled meeting
    • Agenda will be adhered to during the meeting
    • An open discussion will be held during each meeting for items of information to be shared
    • The Liaison will make all reasonable efforts to satisfy requests for accommodations by disabled Committee members and disabled persons wishing to attend a Committee meeting
    Record Keeping and Dissemination of Information:
    • The Liaison will prepare and provide copies of minutes to all members at each meeting.
    • The Liaison will maintain file copies of all minutes and other Committee activity and makes same available for review or checking out.
  6. Subcommittees:

    There are no standing subcommittees. The Chairperson will appoint subcommittees as needed, and individuals from outside the Committee may be asked to serve on a Subcommittee. All members of the subcommittees will have voting rights on that subcommittee; however, there will be no proxy votes allowed.

  7. Proxies:

    Proxy votes are allowed only on voting issues designated in the agenda of the Committee. A member may hold the proxy / proxies of 1 absent member. The member giving the proxy must notify the County staff of their intent to do so in advance of the meeting and must specify the person to whom the proxy is being given, and how the proxy will be voted.

  8. Amendments:

    These bylaws may be amended by majority of Committee members present at any meeting provided written notice of the proposed changes is made to each member at least 7 days prior to the scheduled vote. The by-laws will be reviewed annually.