Beer, Wine & Liquor Permits

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) LogoThe Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission collects State fees and surcharges. All renewal fees and surcharges should be submitted to the TABC as the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector's Office does not accept payment for state renewals and original applications. However, licensees are responsible for paying the County portion(s) of its fees.

New TABC Permits

To obtain a new permit or license you must complete the TABC applications and pay associated fees.

Bexar County Permit Renewals

When you receive a notice to renew your liquor license, in addition to paying your state renewal fee, you should also contact the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector's Office to pay the appropriate fee for the Bexar County Liquor Control Permit. This fee is always 1/2 of the state fee. Renewals for the Bexar County permit can also be processed by mail or at our downtown office. Existing licenses may be renewed within 30 days prior to the renewal date, but no earlier.

Late Renewals

You may renew your license within 30 calendar days after your expiration date.  During this late renewal process, you must cease operations. 

Please Note: If you fail to renew your license after 30 days of expiration, you must re-apply with the TABC and Bexar County for a new permit and restart the application process.

County Beer, wine, & Liquor Permits

New applications and renewals of County Beer & Liquor Permits can be processed by mail or in person at the downtown Tax Office. Locate the appropriate permit fees and mail or bring in a check or money order addressed to:

Albert Uresti, MPA, PCC Tax Assessor-Collector
Attn: Beer, Wine, & Liquor Department
233 N. Pecos-La Trinidad, Suite 130
San Antonio, Texas 78207

Fees & Payment

If you possess a TABC permit, you will receive a notice from the Bexar County Tax Assessor's Office to pay the appropriate fee equal to one-half of the state fee (Sec. 11.38 and 61.36, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code) for your County Liquor Permit. However, Mixed Beverage Permit holders will also receive a notice from our office during the third year of operation following the issuance of the Mixed Beverage Permit and a fee equal to one-half of the state fee will be due.

Section 11.38(e) Local Fee Authorized, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, allows TABC to deny or cancel a permit for the retail sale or service of alcoholic beverages, including a permit held by the holder of a food and beverage certificate, if it finds that the permit holder or applicant has not paid delinquent property taxes due on that permitted premises or from a business operated on that premises.

Fees will vary according to the class or type of beer, wine or liquor permits and licenses required for the operation of your establishment. For more information on fees, please contact 210-335-6524

Important Notice: Bexar County fees must be paid in addition to state TABC fees.

Fees Collected by Bexar County

  • Beer/Wine Permit: For the sale and/or consumption of beer and wine only, i.e.: convenience stores, grocery stores, or some restaurants
  • Mixed Beverage Permit: Allows the holder to sell and serve mixed drinks for consumption on the licensed premise, i.e.: bars, hotels, some restaurants, and ice houses that sell liquor only
  • Mixed Beverage Late Hours Permit: For Mixed Beverage Permit holders who sell alcoholic beverages until 2:00 AM
  • Caterer's Permit: Authorizes the permit holder to sell mixed beverages and/or beer on a temporary basis at a place other than the premise
  • Beverage Cartage Permit: Allows the holder of a mixed beverage permit to transfer alcoholic beverages from the place of purchase to the licensed premise, i.e.: beer delivery companies, liquor delivery companies, or beverage distributors

Visit the Permit Fees page for more information.