Flood Development Permits

To verify that development does not have a negative impact on areas with a 1% annual chance of flooding (100 - Year Floodplain), Bexar County Public Works must review all construction activities conducted on property that is in proximity to the 100-- Year Floodplain. A flood study conducted by a Professional Engineer may be required to determine the base flood elevation or to alter the floodplain limits.To obtain a Flood Development Permit please see the following:

1. Print and complete the Flood Development Permit Application.

2. Submit application and fees ($50 per activity) to the Development Services Section of Public Works located at:

Bexar County Public Works Department
233 N. Pecos
Suite 420
San Antonio, TX 78207

3. Application will be reviewed. Once permit is issued, Bexar County Inspectors may approve construction.