Building Permits

In the areas of Bexar County that are outside of a municipality's limits, the Bexar County Fire Marshal Office (210-335-0300) determines when building permits are required for structures or areas that are not for a "single-family dwelling." use (Visit Fire Marshal Permits & Applications website).  A single-family dwelling is defined as a single structure consisting of 3 or less residential dwelling units. The building permit covers all of the following: site clearing, constructing, renovating or changing occupancy of a building.


When a Building Permit is required by the Fire Marshal Office, a Building Permit Authorization is required to be completed by Public Works before a building permit is issued by the Fire Marshal Office. The Building Permit Authorization is the first page of the Building Permit form and is used to confirm that all the required County Public Works and Environmental Services permits as well as subdivision platting (if required) have been obtained/, completed, or in process.

For a short summary of the process, read the Building Guidelines (PDF).


  • You may submit a building permit application to the Fire Marshal before Public Works signs the Building Permit Authorization Form (page one of the Building Permit Application).  
  • The building permit will not be issued until the Fire Marshal Office receives a signed Building Permit Authorization Form from Public Works and the Fire Marshal Office has completed their review.
  • For the building permit authorization review, create a Site Plan showing the location of the building(s) associated to a building permit.
  • Obtain permits (Tree, Irrigation, Signage, etc.) from the City within whose Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) (PDF) your property lies.
  • Within the City of San Antonio ETJ, you will also need get a stamp on the Bexar County Building Permit Application and the Site Plan from the Storm Water Review Staff located on the second floor of the Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center located at 1901 South Alamo Street.
  • It is recommended for you to obtain a Site Development Permit (Storm Water Permit) and/or Floodplain Development Permit at least 45 days before submitting the Building Permit Authorization form to Bexar County Public Works Development Services Department located at 1948 Probandt.  Please note that any of the Bexar County permits listed on page 2 of the building permit authorization guidelines may be obtained before submitting the Building Permit Authorization.  The fee and estimated review time for each permit is provided on page 2.
  • Bexar County Public Works will verify all required Bexar County permits have been submitted for review or have been issued depending on the permit being requested.  If a subdivision plat is required, at least one review of the proposed plat must be completed by staff to ensure there is no conflict between the proposed construction and any easements that may be required on the plat. There is no fee associated with the review and processing of the Building Permit Authorization.
  • Public Works will e-mail the signed Building Permit Authorization to the Bexar County Fire Marshal when all criteria has been met.