Reentry Center Program

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We're your Reentry Specialists; come see us!

We are pleased that you chose to visit this site and hope that it will be helpful to you. Here at Bexar County we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to change or overcome the things that brought them into the criminal justice system. They deserve a second chance to experience a much more functional life as employed citizens realizing their maximum potential in life. The Bexar County Reentry Program can increase the level of employability, help offenders obtain higher educational levels and/or vocational training and give them a pride of ownership in our community.

If we work together we can have a brighter future for all of our community and meet our goal of reducing recidivism. By accomplishing this goal, we will reduce the costs of incarceration and increase public safety while helping our formerly incarcerated to become contributing members of society. Their successful reentry is definitely a win-win for everyone!

Thank you!

Bexar County Commissioners Court


The mission of the Bexar County Reentry Program is to provide support for individuals re-entering Bexar County after incarceration. The Bexar County Reentry Program is supported by the Reentry Council formed June 2008. The goal of the Council is to find safe and effective ways to reduce the habitual relapse into crime (recidivism), save taxpayer money, and reinvest back into the Reentry Services.

The Justice Center

The Reentry Council consists of 262 members from 89 organizations (city, county, state, federal, non-profit, and for-profit), private citizens, and neighborhood organizations. The Council consists of several committees, each with a specific focus: Employment and Education; Housing and Social Services; Substance Abuse and Mental Health; Restorative Justice; Faith-based Organizations; Legislative Issues; and Research and Evaluation.


The Problem - Do we build another jail - 75 of those booked in to the Bexar County jail returnSince beginning work in 2008, the Reentry Program has developed a referral card with important phone numbers for individuals released from the County Jail and a web-based Reentry Resource Directory. Two positions were introduced with a focus on developing release plans, setting appointments and referrals, and providing Reentry programming. The Council has hosted statewide Reentry Legislative Forums in San Antonio to discuss legislative issues having an impact on recidivism. The Reentry Council helped to implement specialty courts: Veterans Treatment Court, Reentry Court, and Co-Occurring Disorders Court.

The dedication and focus of the Reentry Council has resulted in a savings of $12 million in jail costs.