Subdivision Plats

Plats are schematic drawings of a property usually generated by surveyors. Property plats are drawings of a individual property and are usually used to identify property lines and can include easements. These plats usually accompany a deed as an exhibit or are included with documents that are required for sale of a property. Property plats are not reviewed by the local government authority and do not fulfill the subdivision platting requirement of Local Government Code Chapter 232. Subdivision plats are specific types of documents that, when recorded, establish 1 or more new lots, street and drain rights of way, easements, and other lines of delineation (such as right-of-way dedications) on property that is divided into 2 or more parts or on a single lot.

Required Subdivision Plats

Subdivision plats are required any time a property or lot is divided or subdivided into 2 or more parts and must be signed and sealed by a licensed professional engineer and a licensed surveyor, reviewed by the local government entity and approved signed by the reviewing authority (Commissioners Court or Executive Director of Infrastructure Services in Bexar County). Recording of an approved plat establishes the new legal description of the lot or lots described on the subdivision plat. The process by which a subdivision plat is reviewed, approved and ultimately recorded is called 'platting'.