Conviction Integrity Unit

The Bexar County District Attorney established the Conviction Integrity Unit as an independent section of the District Attorney's Office. The CIU will investigate claims of actual innocence or wrongful convictions by convicted defendants who have already been through their trial and appeal processes.


These are the guidelines for when and how the CIU will accept cases for review: We cannot re-open a case and investigate it as if it were a new case where no one has been convicted yet. We cannot review every case where someone makes a bare claim of innocence. We will review cases in which there is new evidence, relevant evidence that went untested at the time of trial, or some other new evidence of innocence or that a person was convicted wrongfully.

This office cannot give legal advice to a defendant or a defendant's family members. It would be best to have your claim presented by a lawyer who is experienced in post-conviction criminal work. There are also Innocence Projects around Texas which can be extremely helpful in presenting new claims.

Case Review Form

Attached to this page is a form to use to submit a case (PDF) for review. Please fill out the form as completely as possible. Once it is complete, please mail the form to the address below. The more proof you can offer that a conviction was wrongful, the more likely we are to review the case. If you can provide documents that support your claims that will be helpful too. When we do accept a case for review we will be open-minded and objective.