Bexar county District Attorney Joe gonzales

District Attorney Joe GonzalezBexar County Criminal District Attorney Joe Gonzales took office in January of 2019 on a pledge to reform the office, restore public confidence, and make the office more accountable to the voters.

The primary duty of the District Attorney is to seek justice. In the course of its work, the Criminal District Attorney's Office works closely with victims of crime, law enforcement agencies, and the local community. 

The Criminal District Attorney's Office analyzes all felony and most misdemeanor charges filed by law enforcement agencies in Bexar County, reviews these charges to decide if enough evidence exists for further prosecution, and determines how best to proceed in the interests of justice.

The District Attorney seeks to require defendants who are found guilty of a crime to take responsibility for their actions and for any harm they have caused, but also works to lessen recidivism, prevent crime, and make Bexar County a safer and better place to live, work and raise children.

In addition to responsibility for criminal prosecutions in Bexar County, the District Attorney also serves as legal counsel for Bexar County, county officials, and county employees in all matters related to their governmental functions.

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