Public Works Department

Public Works Department of Bexar County

Our Mission

The Mission of the Public Works Department is to preserve all County resources by providing efficient, cost effective services which ensures the safety, health, and welfare of our customers and improve quality of life. 

The Vision

The vision of the Public Works Department is as the leader in developing and maintaining county roads, bridges, vehicles and equipment. The Public Works Department strives to ensure environmental compliance, good working relationships, and high standards of professional management for Bexar County. The management and staff of the department act as facilitators in achieving a balance between diverse priorities and finite resources by providing the public and other County offices thorough analysis, expert advice, prompt and reliable services, and open, honest communications related to the responsible allocation and utilization of personnel and resources. 

We are responsible for developing and maintaining the following County areas: 
  • Bridges
  • Equipment
  • Roads, and
  • County Vehicles
Please don't hesitate to contact us for any information! Many answers to your questions can be found in our FAQ section
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    Use HALT to track flooding in Bexar County.

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    YourGOV allows Bexar County Citizens to report non-emergency related issues to the County.

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