Civil Service

Civil Service Commission
Board Members

Lisa Jones Ramos (Chairperson)


Albert Vale

Sheriff’s Civil Service Commission
Board Members

Ruben Alcantara, Chairman

Celso V. Hidalgo

Hector Gonzales III

Clarence Williams III


Fernando Camarillo

William B. Johnson

The Bexar County Civil Service Commission and the Sheriff's Office Civil Service Commission have authority to adopt, publish, and enforce rules regarding the selection and classification of county employees covered by Civil Service including: competitive examination; promotions; seniority and tenure; layoffs and dismissals; disciplinary actions; grievance procedures; and other matters relating to the selection of county employees and procedural and substantive rights, advancement, benefits, and working conditions of county employees. They provide employees with an opportunity of fair and equitable employment opportunities, job protection, due process, and an avenue of appeal.

All employees who work under the Office of the County Manager are governed under the rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission unless the position they occupy is excluded. All regular employees, except for persons in excluded or non-covered positions, must complete a probationary period in their position before qualifying for Civil Service protection. Temporary employees are not covered.

The Sheriff’s Civil Service Commission was established as required by the Texas Local Government Code for the purpose of developing and enforcing rules regarding the selection and employment of employees of the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Civil Service Commission Rules apply to all employees of the Sheriff's Office except the positions designated as exempt from the Civil Service system by the Sheriff. These rules may be amended, repealed, or supplemented by the Commission at any time and new rules may be adopted.

All regular employees of the Sheriff’s Office, except the Chief Deputy and Deputy Chiefs as designated by the Sheriff, are governed under the rules and regulations of the Sheriff’s Civil Service Commission.

For additional information regarding Civil Service Rules and Regulations please refer to Chapter 158 of the Texas Statutes; Chapter A for COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE and Chapter B for the SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT CIVIL SERVICE.