What is Mediation?

Finding resolutions is a win win solution

Mediation is a structured process in which an impartial person, the mediator, facilitates communication between the parties to promote reconciliation, settlement, or an understanding between them. If the parties reach a mutually acceptable understanding, the mediator guides them in developing a written agreement.

Mediation sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the parties involved and generally occur within 2-3 weeks from the time the BCDRC receives a complete mediation request. Mediation is not a substitute for legal advice or representation.

Mediation Process

  • Involves you in the process
  • Is a community service provided at no cost to residents and businesses in Bexar County
  • Is faster than court
  • Offers a win-win solution

Issues Not Appropriate for Mediation

  • Cases in which a lawsuit has been filed (unless the mediation is ordered by a Bexar County judge)
  • Modification of existing court orders
  • Child support other than medical expenses
  • Criminal cases
  • Divorce matters prior to filing of the divorce petition

The Center provides mediation services on a wide variety of issues and types of disputes, for example:

  • Animal nuisance
  • Auto repair
  • Child visitation
  • Consumer/Merchant disputes
  • Family matters
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes
  • Non-payment of money owed
  • Neighbor disputes
  • Property damage
  • Real estate disputes
  • Unsatisfactory services
  • Workplace issues

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who are the mediators? Mediators are professionally trained individuals from the community who volunteer their time to work with people in conflict. They come from all walks of life and have diverse backgrounds. All mediators have completed an intensive training program in mediation techniques.
  • What do the mediators do?
    • Listen to both sides carefully and objectively
    • Ask questions of all parties to clarify the issues
    • Remain neutral and do not take sides or make judgments
    • Assist the parties in generating options
    • Facilitate communication so the parties can develop their own solution
    • Help the parties clarify and document their agreement
  • Why should the "other side" come to mediation? Mediation provides both parties in a dispute with the opportunity to contribute to the resolution of their conflict. If the dispute goes to court, the outcome is no longer determined by the parties, but rather by a judge. If the parties take the law into their own hands, everyone loses.
  • What are the advantages of mediation? Disputes can be resolved in a timely matter, avoiding costly court and attorneys fees.

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