Bexar Heritage & Parks Department

Bexar Heritage is a community-driven approach and set of programs that identifies unique natural, cultural and historical heritage and values of Bexar County, Texas. The program develops tools to conserve and be good stewards of these resources and maximize the economic benefits of them, through public-private partnerships.

World Heritage Site Approved

Historic Bexar County

There are many historic assets in Bexar County which can be found on the County's interactive maps. These include historic buildings, cemeteries markers, bridges and more.

Visit the interactive Heritage Assets Map to explore Bexar County's history.

Download the Guide to Historical Markers of Bexar County (PDF)

Bexar County Historical Commission

Each County in the State has a Commission, whose members are appointed by Commissioners Court. The County Historical Commission plays a significant role in identifying and managing historic resources countywide, and serves as a clearinghouse for official historic markers sanctioned by Texas Historical Commission. More information on the Bexar County Historical Commission can be found by visiting the Bexar County Historical Commission website.

Urban Planning and Community Involvement

River South Management Area

Commissioners Court directed that a River South Management Plan be developed as a joint effort among the partners including Bexar County, San Antonio River Authority, City of San Antonio, and National Park Service, and in coordination with other public agencies, neighborhood groups and non-profit organizations. A consultant was engaged to coordinate and draft a general plan and work with all entities to establish the boundary of the area around the River South to which the plan elements would be applied.

The goals of the plan are to:

  1. Ensure a seamless, integrated approach for management of the Re-developed San Antonio River and its area or corridor, and with a concentration on San Antonio Missions National Historical Park and the COUNTY southern "reach" of river ecosystem restoration and river improvement project.
  2. Establish a framework within which local, state and federal agencies develop and provide coordinated functions, maintenance, operations, and law enforcement along the river corridor and related area.
  3. Promote community-wide heritage-based economic development opportunities.
  4. Promote the National Park Service updates of the 1975 General Management Plan and the 1982 Boundary Study of the San Antonio Missions.

The final plan was adopted by Commissioners Court, City Council and the San Antonio River Authority Board, and approved by the Regional Director of the National Park Service. It called for generating multiple deliverables that consist of detailed plans, guidelines, regulations and criteria to provide guidance for and regulate protection of the area.

The River-South Sub-Committee, which includes representatives of all the Neighborhood Associations in the area, Chambers of Commerce and other stakeholders, have generated subsequent plans that address the major issues:

  1. Security Plan
  2. Operations and Maintenance Plan
  3. River Recreation Plan
  4. Education Plan
  5. Economic Development Plan
  6. Community Development & Neighborhood Revitalization Plan
  7. Marketing Plan
  8. Emergency Spills Response Plan

For more information, visit the SARA website for River South Management Plan and River South Sub-Committee.

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