Bexar Heritage

Bexar Heritage is a community-driven approach and set of programs that identifies unique natural, cultural and historical heritage and values of Bexar County, Texas. The program develops tools to conserve and be good stewards of these resources and maximize the economic benefits of them, through public-private partnerships.

  1. Historical Marker MinuteMarker Minute: Acequia Madre de ValeroLearn more about the Acequia Madre de Valero and how it supported Bexar County communities!
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Welcome to the Bexar Heritage Center!Heritage Center Slider Opens in new windowLocated within the historic Bexar County Courthouse, this new 6,500 exhibit space aims to educate visitors on the history and accomplishments of the County, through an entertaining array of interactive dioramas.
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Historic Bexar County

There are many historic assets in Bexar County which can be found on the County's interactive maps. These include historic buildings, cemeteries markers, bridges, and more:

In addition to historical locations, "The Seeds of Texas" is an interactive exploration of Bexar County's history to better acquaint the public with the community's long and rich history through a mapping interface known as Story Maps.

Bexar County Historical Commission

Each County in the State has a Commission, whose members are appointed by Commissioners Court. The County Historical Commission plays a significant role in identifying and managing historic resources countywide, and serves as a clearinghouse for official historic markers sanctioned by Texas Historical Commission. More information on the Bexar County Historical Commission can be found by visiting the Bexar County Historical Commission website.

Plaza Postcard

Plaza Postcard

Early Courthouse

Early Courthouse

Camp of the Lipans

“Camp of the Lipans” by Theodore Gentilz

“Camp of the Lipans” shows the lifestyle of early Native Americans in Bexar County.

Casa Reales

Casa Reales by W.G.M. Samuel (1731)

East Side of Main Plaza by W.G.M. Samuel, showing Casa Reales, the first Bexar County Courthouse

Courthouse Drawing, Courthouse in black and white, ca. 1939, and Hanging Stunt from Courthouse

Courthouse Drawing (left)
Courthouse in black and white, ca. 1939 (top right)
Hanging stunt from courthouse balcony (bottom right)

Courthouse Postcards, ca. 1908

Courthouse Postcards, ca. 1908