Historical Commission

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Historical Commission Members

MembersExpirationAppointment SourceDate of AppointmentTerm (Yr)
Almaraz Jr., Dr. Felix12/31/2020Precinct 201/01/20191
Arellano, Dan12/31/2020Precinct 201/01/20191
Badger, Joseph Ryan12/31/2023Precinct 304/06/20212
Cardenas, Hector J.02/28/2023Precinct 402/09/20212
Docog, Angelica12/31/2020County Judge01/01/20191
De Leon, Joseph12/31/2020Precinct 101/01/20191
Ernst, Hon. Alan12/31/2023Precinct 304/06/20212
Galan, Francis12/31/2020Precinct 201/01/20191
Killian, Mickey12/31/2021Precinct 102/09/20211
Precinct 3
Pemberton, Sue Ann12/31/2020County Judge01/01/20191
Rubio, Jesus "Corky"12/31/2020Precinct 101/01/20191
Salas, Mario02/28/2023Precinct 402/09/20212

The Bexar County Historical Commission was established in 1967 to preserve, protect, and promote the rich history of Bexar County. The Commission initiates actions and cooperates with state and local programs to encourage awareness of historic preservation and foster appreciation of Bexar County's historical significance. The Commission has five standing committees: Historical Markers, History Appreciation, Oral History, Historic Structures and Places, and Cemeteries.

Visit the Historical Commission website for more information.