Dispute Resolution Center Advisory Board

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Dispute Resolution Center Advisory Board Members
Members Expiration Appointment Source Date of Appointment Term (Yr)
Brown Jr., Joe 01/31/2008 Bexar County Judiciary 02/07/2006 2
De la Paz, Brent 10/21/2012 Precinct 1 04/05/2011 2
Diaz, Rene 01/31/2008 Bexar County Judiciary 02/07/2006 2
Duenas, Esther 12/31/2020 Precinct 2 04/24/2018 2
Franco, John 05/31/2010 Federal Bar Association 05/06/2008 2
Hidgon, James 01/31/2008 San Antonio Family Lawyers Association 02/07/2006 2
Hill, Stephanie 05/31/2010 Young Lawyers Association 05/06/2008 2
Huff, Yolanda 01/31/2008 Black Lawyers Association 02/07/2006 2
Lester, Virginia 04/30/2020 Precinct 4 04/24/2018 2
Neville III, Richard 01/31/2008 San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association 02/07/2006 2
Perez, Phillip A. 11/30/2015 Mexican-American Bar Association 11/05/2013 2
Skogland, John E. 07/16/2015 Precinct 3 07/02/2013 2
Slavin, Barbara 01/31/2008 Bexar County Women's Bar Association 02/07/2006 2
Steinberg, John 01/31/2008 Criminal District Attorney's Office 02/07/2006 2
Terrell, Richard G. 04/30/2018 County Judge 03/07/2017 2
Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center
The Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center was organized by the Bexar County Commissioners Court with the support of the San Antonio Bar Association to provide mediation services to the people of Bexar County. In situations where mediation is not the only possible solution, the Center also offers referrals to other organizations which may provide appropriate services.

Visit the Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center website for more information.