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Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations

Probation Periods

Policy Number: 7.6.06

Effective Date: March 16, 2007

All new and re-employed regular employees are placed on probationary status for six months, except law enforcement employees who serve a one year probationary period. Time spent as a temporary employee does not fulfill the probation requirements. During the probation period, the office or department has a right to terminate employment at any time for any reason that does not violate public policy. There is no right to appeal.

An employee who is promoted during the probation period is continued on probation for the remainder of probation period. No new probation period is required if one is completed before the promotion.

Voluntary Transfer

An employee who voluntarily transfers from one office or department to another serves an initial six months’ probation in the new office or department. Involuntarily transfers or transfers for business needs are not subject to additional probation periods.